The Myers Mile

A Virtual Track Camp, From April 27 - June 6
Week 2: Monday's Interview with Alan Webb, American Record Holder

No American runner has ever raced the mile faster than Alan Webb.  3:46.  Think about that time.  Someone could run a 3:59 mile - which is insanely fast - and Alan would beat them by a full straightaway of the track. 

To be our best, we believe that you have to learn from the best.  With that idea in mind, Rob Myers called up his friend and former competitor Alan Webb to catch up and to ask him the questions that you sent us.  You can find the full video below, and it's filled with advice from America's top miler.  

Looking for the interview highlights & questions?  You can find the following:

  • 4:20 into the video: Question #1, what do you do to make training fun? (question submitted by Maylee Young)
  • 6:20 mark: Question #2, can you talk about the importance of pacing? (question submitted by Jon Coyle, former All Ohio miler)
  • 13:30 mark: Rob talks about the importance of making the most of every opportunity as a runner & racer.
  • 15:00 mark: Question #3, how do you control your nerves in big races? 
  • 20:15 mark: Question #4, how do you keep your head in the game when things get tough (question submitted by Luke Woolard)
  • 24:15 mark: Question #5, do you have any tips about mental strength or coming back from injury (questions submitted by Leah Hetteberg)

Take what you learn and apply it to your training and racing today!

This week, we're splitting your training options into two different paths.  If you want to maximize your potential in the mile this spring, we have a "true miler" workout plan for both middle school and high school.  Or, if you want to build aerobic strength this spring, with an eye on building towards cross country starting now, then stick to our "beginner" or "advanced" aerobic strength plans instead.



One of the topics that Alan talks about during his discussion with Rob is how to make the most of this moment, when the COVID-19 crisis has cancelled track seasons and disrupted everyone's plans.  In a nutshell, the American record holder's advice is simple.  Believe in your training and work hard right now, because most of your competitors are sitting on a couch somewhere, feeling sorry for themselves.  Don't fall into that trap.  Get out, run, and continue to build towards your next season. 

For those using the Myers Mile Strava running log, we encourage you to post on one another's workouts or start a discussion thread.  Support one another, and let's all keep that motivation riding high. 

If you're looking for Myers Mile info from week 1, you can find our first coaching post here and our second one here.  

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